Rusty Russell

Dale A. (Rusty) Russell has been helping veterans since he was 20 years old, and as he says, he “will continue to do so until God takes him from this Earth.” Rusty is a 100% disabled American Veteran who served in Vietnam from 1966-67, “via Hobbs, NM.”

Rusty spent 16 months (1966-67) in Vietnam in the amphibious Navy aboard the USS Skagit AKA-105, (an attack cargo/troop ship), landing Marines on the beaches and always under enemy fire.

The following are some of the important influences in Rusty’s life, as well as actual events and actions performed by Rusty, that he shares with both pride and humility:

Rusty’s devotion and loyalty to veterans was triggered after he had the sad duty of escorting the body of one of his best friends from his home town of Hobbs, New Mexico. His friend, Jimmie Plato, a Corpsman in the Navy, detached with a group of Marines, was killed in Vietnam in 1966.  Rusty had just seen Jimmie in Hobbs 30 days before he left for Vietnam.  Jimmie, who was home on leave, had stated that it would be “his luck that he would get his head shot off in 30 days.” Believe it or not, he had just been in Vietnam 29 days when he was shot in the head by a sniper while trying to help a wounded Marine.

Rusty also was inspired by two very special World War II veterans. Rusty’s dad (David Arlin (Rusty) Russell) was a WWII veteran who served in Germany while in the U.S. Army. He brought back several mementos/souvenirs that he acquired while driving an ambulance. These included a Browning 32 automatic pistol with 4 notches on the butt, a German dress sword that Rusty has in his possession and a 12-14” German dress knife in a metal scabbard, with a swastika on it. Rusty’s dad also brought back his personal M-1 carbine. Everyone should know, as very well documented, WWII veterans were the “world’s greatest fighting generation ever!” Rusty’s Dad was his hero…!!!

In 1967, Rusty met a most wonderful WWII combat veteran, W.H. “Bill” Bostick of Lovington, NM, who went through mortal hell at Guadalcanal. He became like a second dad to Rusty clear up until his death in 1985. He was buried with full military honors and deservedly so! Bill, like Rusty’s dad, had numerous souvenirs that he had collected during his combat duties.

After his service in Viet Nam, when Rusty was a young man in his twenties, and was just scraping by, he would do whatever he could to help other Veterans in need. He would often take a bag of groceries and/or provide a free ride to appointments for Veterans. One year, while he and his family were living in Abilene, TX, he dropped his wife and children off at his mother-in-law’s and took a Veteran from Abilene, clear to Joplin, Missouri on Christmas Day to visit his family.

One Easter Rusty and his wife, Tami took in a homeless vet who was disoriented, and only had the clothes on his back.  He lived with them for several months, during which time they helped him get an ID and a copy of his social security card.  One day when they got up, he was gone.

One of Rusty’s main passions has been aiding veterans to gain their rightful benefits and disability determinations and he’s been very successful at it. For example, if a veteran was getting zero or 30% disability, Rusty has a high track record of helping them get 100% disability. Rusty has had many veterans come and try to pay him $5,000 or more from their retroactive back pay when it was received, and he has NEVER taken a nickel! He said it just sends chills down his back to accomplish this mission for veterans!

David A. Russell, (Rusty’s identical twin brother), living in Kansas, had been fighting for six years to no avail, and was getting nowhere with his deserved disability claim. He had fought honorably alongside Rusty in Vietnam aboard the USS Skagit AKA-105.  Therefore, Rusty personally took him to Albuquerque, NM and connected him with a service representative at the American Legion headquarters. Bingo, a few months later, he received his 100% deserved disability and his retroactive back pay for the six and a half years and it was tremendous. If you are a veteran who is in need of services please contact Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center at 719-309-4714. A very generous portion of all app sales is donated to this worthy organization.

Rusty has never been a rich man, he has had many careers, from milkman to police officer, to marketing Jimmy Dean sausage, and many more, but for the past forty-two years, he has always remained motivated by a passion to help Veterans. So in 1988, when Rusty and a friend created a dice and domino board game, called “Domino Roll Out”, he saw it to have even more impact and resources to help more of the Veterans who are in need.

The game was patented and copyrighted with an Operation Desert Shield/Storm logo placed on the felt in the playing area. In 1991, while living in Kansas, he and the great combat veteran, Senator Bob Dole, sent 500 of these games to the troops in Kuwait on a C130 airplane. Rusty said it was unbelievable how appreciative they were, and what the troops thought of this game! Rusty was even receiving Saudi money from troops wanting this board game. He would send the money and a game back to them! No charge.

Domino Roll Out games were also sent to Walter Reed Hospital for the wounded troops and again, Rusty received numerous calls of thanks!  President George H. W. Bush, General Colin Powell, Senator Bob Dole, President George W. Bush and numerous other principals have the Operation Desert Shield/Storm version of the board game. Rusty will never forget that after President George H.W. Bush received his personalized game, Sgt. Toni Mendoza called Rusty from the White House, thanking him on behalf of the president for this wonderful game. Rusty asked Sgt. Mendoza what the president thought of this game and he told Rusty that the president put it up on the mantel in the White House and would not even let the grandchildren play with it.

Rusty took out bank financing to start this project that he always believed was an idea and inspiration that he had received to use it to help Veterans. He was close to hitting it big with Domino Roll Out several times, including pitching it to big names like Walmart and Disney.  Eventually his resources and the copyright ran out.

Rusty now has a copyrighted spinoff of the board game, a Domino Roll Out game app, redesigned and redeveloped by AroundUS Corporation, available for both android and iOS.

It is still Rusty’s desire to benefit all veterans. Generous portions of the proceeds will be donated to non-profit veterans’ organizations, especially the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is doing amazing work to help veterans. Rusty will also continue to help individual veterans in need.

Rusty is, has always been, and will always be extremely pro-veteran and he wants this great game app to be a resource to help our veterans.  As you can see, we, at Domino Roll Out, are about helping veterans in any way we can. We need your help and are asking everyone, veterans included, to donate just $1.00 and receive a free game app. Yes, we are asking for donations and why not, because if everyone will help us, we can help thousands of veterans in need.

If you are a Veteran that is in need of services, but don’t know where to start or just need help, please contact the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center.