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Rusty Russell’s Story

Dale Arlin Russell
United States Navy
U.S.S. Skagit AKA-105 (Attack Cargo Ship)
Vietnam 1966-67
Member of American Legion and VFW
Inventor of Domino Roll Out
Hometown: Hobbs, New Mexico

Dale A. (Rusty) Russell has been helping veterans since he was 20 years old, and as he says, he “will continue to do so until God takes him from this Earth.” Rusty is a 100% disabled American Veteran who served in Vietnam from 1966-67, “via Hobbs, NM.”

Rusty’s devotion and loyalty to veterans

was triggered after he had the sad duty of escorting the body of one of his best friends from his home town of Hobbs, New Mexico. His friend, Jimmie Plato, a Corpsman in the Navy, detached with a group of Marines, was killed in Vietnam in 1966. Rusty had just seen Jimmie in Hobbs 30 days before he left for Vietnam. Jimmie, who was home on leave, had stated that it would be “his luck that he would get his head shot off in 30 days.” Believe it or not, he had just been in Vietnam 29 days when he was shot in the head by a sniper while trying to help a wounded Marine.

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Sgt. David Arlin Russell

United States Army
16th Infantry Army Battalion
Ambulance Driver Stationed in Germany
Member of American Legion and VFW
Hometown: New Albany, Kansas

Rusty’s Dad was his hero…!!!

Rusty’s dad (David Arlin (Rusty) Russell) was a WWII veteran who served in Germany while in the U.S. Army. He brought back several mementos/souvenirs that he acquired while driving an ambulance. These included a Browning 32 automatic pistol with 4 notches on the butt, a German dress sword that Rusty has in his possession and a 12-14” German dress knife in a metal scabbard, with a swastika on it. Rusty’s dad also brought back his personal M-1 carbine. Everyone should know, as very well documented, WWII veterans were the “world’s greatest fighting generation ever!”

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