About Us

Domino Roll Out was originally a board game that has now been developed for the iOS and Android marketplace. Domino Roll Out has received rave reviews from Wal-Mart to Las Vegas, as well as the general public. Not only is Domino Roll Out an exciting, addictive game of chance that any age group can enjoy, the creators will donate a generous portion of all proceeds to benefit veterans who have served our great nation.

The mission of Domino Roll Out Inc. is to find people that love and respect Veterans and are willing to purchase the Domino Roll Out App to aid us in helping our veterans.

Dale A. (Rusty) Russell, the creator of Domino Roll Out, is a Vietnam Disabled Veteran. He has been a big supporter of veteran associations and he wants to donate generous portions of the proceeds to non-profit veterans’ organizations, especially the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, which is doing amazing work to help veterans. Rusty will also continue to help individual veterans in need.

Dale invented the game in 1988 and since then the game has been through many changes. The journey of Domino Roll Out was a roller coaster. The game almost became a product for Wal-Mart and Dale was in negotiations with International Game Technology (IGT), a company that had plans to introduce Domino Roll Out into the Las Vegas gambling scene. Other companies that have negotiated with Dale to buy the game are Budweiser, Domino’s Pizza, United Air Lines and many others.

*Domino Roll Out was created and copyrighted by TLR/Domino Roll Out of America, Inc., developed as an older app by Zco, and the most recent app was developed by AroundUS Corporation.